Cleaning In Place (CIP)

Your challenge

As a manufacturing company, is it in preventing micro-organisms that can result from remaining product residues?

Our solution

Automated, on-site internal cleaning and disinfection for your filling lines

Clean In Place (CIP), describes a process for an on-site interior cleansing and disinfection of sophisticated systems and pipelines in the food, beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Dismantling of the system or individual parts is not necessary.

But why CIP?

Product residues remain on surfaces that come into contact with the product, providing favourable conditions for microorganisms to grow. If harmful microorganisms are not regularly reduced through cleaning and disinfection processes in the plant, the quality of the product deteriorates. Contamination can consequently lead to product recalls or even short expiry dates.

To avoid this, efficient cleaning of all parts of the system is of vital importance. However, complex forms such as pipelines, valves or heat transfers in enclosed systems are difficult to access. Automatic CIP cleaning can bypass cumbersome and expensive manual cleaning and enhance hygienic systems, including open systems (e.g. storage tanks), CIP cleaning is suitable for maximising efficiency. Successful cleaning improves the microbiological safety of your products and plays an important role in assuring quality.

Traditionally, a 5-step process is often used for CIP cleaning:

  1. pre-rinse (mostly with return water).
  2. caustic (hot)
  3. intermediate rinse with fresh water
  4. acid (hot or cold)
  5. rinse with fresh water

Alternatively, an additional disinfection phase can be carried out.

Depending on the key factors like temperature, time (cleaning duration), use of chemicals and mechanical impact (flow), there are various possible variations in the cleaning process. The relationship between these factors is described as the so-called Sinners circle.

LOEHRKE CIP cleanings are ideally tailored towards individual customer requirements and pursue a simple goal: maximum cleaning results with minimum optimum resource utilisation.

Furthermore, to optimisations incorporated in our LOEHRKE CIP and in comparison, to classic CIP concepts, additional improvements in efficiency can be achieved through various modules that are ingeniously combined depending on the place of operation.

Let us team up and decide on which of our CIP processes is appropriate for you. Based on the prevailing conditions and your requirements, LOEHRKE will provide you with a CIP system that is specifically tailored to your needs. We are delighted to review an existing CIP process with you and explain possible optimisation measures.

Distinguishing between Clean-In-Place (CIP) and Sterilisation-In-Place (SIP)

Sterilisation-In-Place (SIP) is a pressurised steam or hot water sterilisation at 120-130 °C. During sterilisation, all microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses and enzymes, are destroyed by heat. SIP substitutes disinfection after completion of cleaning and is used for example for UHT cleaning in the dairy industry.

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