Your challenge

Microbiological growth in the environment of your filling line

Do you want and need to control microbiological challenges caused by e. g. product residues on the conveyor?

Our solution

Conveyor hygiene for the hygienic transport of your food products

Especially in the food industry, hygiene is more important today than ever before. In addition to microbiological aspects, chemical and physical factors must also be taken into account, essential components in the design of conveyors. LOEHRKE has developed special systems for this requirement, which will meet your demands for hygienic transport of your food products. With LOEHRKE systems for conveyor hygiene you are on the safe side.

Conveyor CIP System

Our conveyor CIP system has been developed for cleaning and disinfecting conveyor chains and inner surfaces. This system is a permanently installed pipe system with precise spray slots.

Chain cleaning

Chain cleaning is also designed for cleaning and disinfection of conveyor belts, chain links and joints. In this system, LOEHRKE uses permanently installed nozzle sticks.

Your Value

Holistic conveyor hygiene. Whether T-CIP or chain cleaning - with our solutions we can minimize microbiological growth on your conveyor. This allows you to fill products safely and cautiously.

  • Optimal conveyor lubrication for all container types
  • Robust, reliable and durable
  • We supply the technology, you choose the chemistry
  • Reduced use of resources

LOEHRKE is one of the leading providers for hygiene solutions for production facilities within the food and beverage industry.
Each of our products is tested for performance and functional specifications before delivery.


Jürgen Löhrke GmbH is an independent operating company offering process technology and hygiene solutions, like automated cleaning and disinfection. The medium-sized enterprise is family-owned and located in Lübeck, Northern Germany. LOEHRKE is partner of the global food and beverage industry since ...


Quality assurance is a top priority at LOEHRKE - which is why we are constantly working on optimising our processes. As part of this, we are regularly audited and certified by various independent companies ...


In addition to the production and supply of a system LOEHRKE handles the complete engineering until entry into service and offers a wide range of after sales services. LOEHRKE project teams are organized in such way, that customer projects will benefit from the long-time expertise of the company, according to the ...

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