Special Plant engineering

To continue to meet increased hygiene requirements, the construction of custom plants has been gaining importance in the area of process hygiene for several years.

We have been committed to this development for some time now and respond to the special requirements of our customers by creating customized cleaning plants and concepts that are specially tailored to their needs.

Both fixed and mobile custom process plants require not only technologically innovative but also practical solutions. With our many years of experience in plant engineering - especially in the beverage and food industries - and our know-how in a wide range of engineering disciplines, we can develop exactly the right hygiene concept for you. LOEHRKE is also happy to develop a suitable solution for other industries. Just contact us - the team is looking forward to your message (solutions@loehrke.com or +49 451 29 307 0)!

First, we conscientiously record all the requirements characteristic of your plant, take your individual needs into account, and work out a special concept for you. If necessary, we can consider any changes that may arise and adapt the concept flexibly. Close discussion, as well as strong transparency and the documentation of the project progress are the basis for us in the communication with you.

We implement your custom plant project for you in a solution-oriented manner according to a mutually agreed schedule.

Your Challenge

You have a very specific cleaning task that requires custom plant technology, since standard plants do not meet all existing requirements. Your customer-specific process, the cleaning of special containers, atypical geometries or shapes in your plant are just some of the special requirements we would like to mention here.

Our solution

An innovative cleaning system made-to-measure

We design your individual solution for the cleaning task you provide us. LOEHRKE project teams are put together in such a way that the company's many years of know-how can benefit your custom project according to desired requirements. Specialists from different fields, such as mechanical, electrical, process, plant, chemical and food engineering, work hand in hand to consider all relevant aspects of your task.

Your Value

From the development of the solution, through project management, to service and support, LOEHRKE is here for you internationally as a reliable partner with many years of experience in plant engineering. You receive an innovative technology solution tailored specifically to your plant.

  • Customized solution for your application
  • Specially tailored to your individual requirements and needs
  • Complete solution from one source (design/ manufacture/ automation/ service)
  • Competent partner with many years of experience + international network
  • Robust, reliable and durable equipment
  • Time-optimized process sequences to reduce use of resources

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