Your challenge

Minimization of biofilms in water-bearing systems or production plants

Are you in quest of a highly efficient disinfection solution that also conforms to the standards of drinking water? You are possibly also aware about biofilms in your water-bearing systems or production systems and would like to improve your hygienic standards. Then chlorine dioxide is exactly the right solution for you!

Our solution

Improvement of hygiene standards through drinking water conform disinfection

Chlorine dioxide is one of the strongest disinfectants with an oxidising effect and, unlike many chlorine-based products, is not corrosive - provided it is used correctly. On one hand, it can be used for the treatment of drinking and treated water, and on the other hand, it can also be used as a disinfectant in your cleaning processes.
Especially for food and beverage producers, its reasonable to rinse (flush) parts that come into contact with the product at regular intervals during production in order to eradicate the breeding ground for microorganisms. During the classic pre-rinse in cleaning processes, Whereas, the surfaces are rinsed to remove product residues on one hand and to improve the cleaning effect of the subsequent cleaning procedure with detergent on the other hand. ClO2 disinfects the water used and also has a storage effect that can improve the hygienic surrounding. To reduce the risk of contamination, mixed water can be treated for foaming or an intermediate rinse/Fumigation can be conducted. The final flashed water converted to standard drinkable water helps to tackle microbiological challenges by adding ClO2. The disinfection process with chlorine dioxide can substitute hot water rinsing under specific conditions. Wherefore a ClO2 rinse should be performed every 2 hours (2-3 minutes). Gradually, cleaning can then be shortened and biofilm formation simultaneously minimized.

Your Value

With chlorine dioxide, you acquire one of the most effective oxidising agents, which can be used in small quantities in conformity to drinking water regulations. Unlike many other disinfectants, chlorine dioxide is capable of preventing the formation of biofilms and simultaneously decomposing existing biofilms. Considering a longer period of time, you benefit from a significantly shorter cleaning period and save on cleaning media.


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