Your challenge

Increasing filling speeds and no time for production interruptions

Do you have increasing sales figures and are you producing more product per hour? Are you tired of broken glass and/or production interruptions? Increasing filling speeds mean increasing bottle speeds on the conveyors, making technical updates to your production necessary?

Our solution

Lubrication technology adapted to increasing requirements

A lubrication system is an absolute must for your production. Only with an optimally adjusted lubrication system can you achieve the required efficiencies in your filling line.
We have a suitable lubrication system for every bottle speed and every conveyor! Our lubrication technologies provide the prerequisite to prevent abrasion on the chain and thus minimize premature wear. Whether wet or dry belt lubrication - with our LOEHRKE lubrication technologies you can reduce glass breakage and production interruptions in your filling line.

Your Value

LOEHRKE systems optimize friction between the conveyor chain and the filling container, thus reducing wear. For the best possible operation, hygienic conditions must also be strictly observed. LOEHRKE systems are adapted according to your requirements and wishes. According to the conditions in your production, the different systems are suitable. Together with you, we will find the optimal solution for your filling.

  • Flexible choice of belt lubricants
  • Optimal lubrication of the conveyors
  • Low water consumption with wet belt lubrication solutions

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Where is belt lubrication used and why is it relevant?

Belt lubrication systems are primarily used to lubricate conveyor belts in the food and beverage industry.

A main goal of belt lubrication is to reduce the friction between the container and the conveyor chain as well as between the conveyor chain and the contact surface on the conveyor. This leads to a reduction in material wear and ensures a reduction of the electrical power consumption of the chain drive motors.

However, there are other benefits to this process as well. An optimally used and adjusted belt lubrication allows you a smooth and continuous operation of your system. You save on manual cleaning due to less glass breakage and less wear and tear on conveyor belts or conveyor chains. Especially in beverage bottling plants, the belt lubrication system also ensures a noticeable reduction in noise and sound levels in your production.

What are the challenges in belt lubrication?

In the evolving food and especially the beverage industry, you often have to deal with new challenges. In addition to increasing filling speeds and increasing bottle speeds, there are always new bottle designs and shapes with higher centers of gravity. Production disruptions or even interruptions caused by tipped over lying bottles should be avoided as far as possible.

Overall, all transported items/packaging material should be protected as much as possible against damage from abrasion.

It is therefore necessary to master the particular challenge of optimizing the line performance in a resource-saving and cost-efficient manner while reducing wear and tear and the electrical power consumption of the drive motors.

What exactly is conveyor-CIP?

For hygienically perfect transport, we offer a special system for conveyor cleaning, which takes chemical and physical factors into account in addition to microbiological aspects.

In order to achieve a lasting influence on the overall hygiene of the transport process, the stationarycomponents of the conveyor must also be cleaned. The conveyor-CIP is a system for precise cleaning of the stationary parts of the conveyor from the inside. It is no longer necessary to install a chain cleaning system, since the conveyor chains are already included in the process. This system is a permanently installed pipe system with precise spray slots. The cleaning can be automated and carried out quickly and brings the best results (assuming a one-time basic cleaning). Contact times and concentrations of the cleaning media are fixed adjusted and reproducible. A time-consuming, cyclical manual removal and installation of the conveyor chains is no longer necessary. In addition to reducing the time required for cleaning, this system enables savings of cleaning media and employee capacities.

What is the difference between wet belt lubrication and dry belt lubrication?

LOEHRKE wet belt lubrication is powerful and versatile. Irrespective of the transported container or packaging format, wet belt conveyor lubrication is particularly suitable where a high degree of contamination from inside and outside is to be expected. Our belt lubrication creates a belt lubricant solution by mixing belt lubricant concentrate and water, which ensures easy operation. Intervention is only necessary in the event of an error. Our systems work independently after initial adjustment of the belt lubricant concentration during commissioning.

The amount of water removed is determined with a flow meter and forwarded to the dosing pump. Thispump doses the belt lubricant concentrate into the water in proportion to the measured volume. Regardless of the amount of water removed and the system pressure, a constant, homogeneous mixture of water and belt lubricant concentrate is generated.

In contrast to wet belt lubrication, LOEHRKE dry belt lubrication works completely without the use of water. Instead of spraying large amounts of water with added lubricant onto the conveyors, dry belt lubrication applies a thin film of lubricant to the belts. The lubrication intervals can be set individuallyaccording to system use and capacity utilization. LOEHRKE dry belt lubrication systems lubricate transport and conveyor belts in a resource-saving manner and the high water consumption is completely avoided. With our different dry belt lubrication systems, we offer the right solution for the respective system requirements on the subject of resource saving and sustainability, which is increasingly becoming the focus of end users and companies.

LOEHRKE is one of the leading providers for hygiene solutions for production facilities within the food and beverage industry.
Each of our products is tested for performance and functional specifications before delivery.


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