Packaging sterilization

Your challenge

Microbial risks in packaging

In almost any production environment, microbial risks can be minimized by packaging sterilization. Microorganisms adhere to surfaces, thus entering the filling process and contaminating food and beverages. Surface disinfection of packaging materials can be installed here, especially for Class IV filling machines.

Our solution

PULSED-LIGHT technology from Claranor

LOEHRKE presents CLARANOR Pulsed Light technology with intense radiation that destroys microorganisms on surfaces. This enables the complete and permanent disinfection of a wide variety of packaging materials.

What is Pulsed Light?

Pulsed Light technology is based on the disinfecting effect of intense light radiation from xenon lamps. The light flash lasts 0.3 milliseconds and covers the light spectrum from 200 nm to 800 nm, with a particularly high proportion of UV wavelengths.

Why Pulsed Light?

Pulsed Light technology is a process for surface disinfection of packaging materials that kills microorganisms on packaging material in a particularly hygienic way and without chemicals. Some areas of application are caps, lids, cups, films and much more.

All surfaces that come into direct contact with UV radiation, including transparent and reflective materials, are disinfected hygienically and without chemicals. The shape of the reflector is the decisive factor. To achieve optimal treatment, surfaces should be free of dust and particles. LOEHRKE is the exclusive provider of Pulsed Light technology in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Your Value

The use of Pulsed Light technology guarantees you significantly lower annual costs compared to chemical treatment. You experience a validated disinfection including resistant mold spores as well as the avoidance of sensory impairments on product or packaging material.


LOEHRKE has been a trusted partner of Claranor since 2010. Together, the companies have the know-how and experience to integrate Pulsed Light technology into your system. Our versatile team guarantees full service and support, for your Claranor Pulsed Light technology.
Let us work together to create a Pulsed Light technology for your needs that is cost effective and meets your requirements.
Secure your Claranor Pulsed Light system now by calling +49 (0)451 29307 0 or emailing The LOEHRKE team will be happy to support you!

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