Chlorine dioxide

As chlorine dioxide is permitted for the treatment of drinking water, this medium is equally suitable for water treatment and for plant disinfection. Conventional disinfectants like chlorine, peracetic acid and hydrogene peroxide remain far behind the antimicrobial effect of this cost-efficient alternative. LOEHRKE has developed special systems for the use of chlorine dioxide.

  • Generator facilities • Dosing modules • Measurement technology  

LOEHRKE chlorine dioxide generators are combinable with LOEHRKE components for process hygiene like CIP systems. Together with you, we will develop just the right cleaning concept for you. 

LOEHRKE is one of the leading providers for hygiene solutions for production facilities within the food and beverage industry.
Each of our products is tested for performance and functional specifications before delivery.


Jürgen Löhrke GmbH is an independent operating company offering process technology and hygiene solutions, like automated cleaning and disinfection. The medium-sized enterprise is family-owned and located in Lübeck, Northern Germany. LOEHRKE is partner of the global food and beverage industry since ...


LOEHRKE products for process and hygiene technology are to be found mainly in production facilities of renowned food manufacturers all over the world. We are specialized in flowable products of various viscosities. So we can provide our customers from most different industries process solutions from planning to ...


In addition to the production and supply of a system LOEHRKE handles the complete engineering until entry into service and offers a wide range of after sales services. LOEHRKE project teams are organized in such way, that customer projects will benefit from the long-time expertise of the company, according to the ...

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