Traditional filter material, such as quartz sand or granulate is, due to its porous, unregular structure, highly sensible for fungi, bacteria, germs, algae as well as calcification. The contaminations and germs get stuck in the unregular parts of the highly porous surfaces of the filter material, multiply themselves in the water in an uncontrolled and unlimited way. Also during the backwashing, they are never eliminated.

LOEHRKE-Beads are glass pearls of high quality which may be used as alternative for gravel. Thanks to the exchange, clearly longer cycles between the required backwashing steps are possible. Due to the smooth surfaces of the glass pearls and their CIP-capacity, clear hygienical improvements are realised that are advantageous for the product quality, also reducing the use of disinfecting products.

Quartz sand and gravel:

Unequal geometries - Undefined flow rates
Porous surfaces – Higher contamination


Homogenic shapes – Optimal flow
Smooth surfaces – Improved filter hygiene

Characteristics of the LOEHRKE Beads

1 | Highly efficient filter function

Due to the exact geometric size and the resulting homogenic filter bed, LOEHRKE-Beads have excellent filtration features. The filtered suspended parts and particles are eliminated during the backwashing, the beads staying always hygienically clean and performant.

2 | Cristal clear, hygienically perfect water

The smooth and closed surface of the LOEHRKE-Beads avoids the penetration and sticking of bacteria, fungi, germs, algae and chalk.

3 | Reduces the use of chemical disinfecting products

LOEHRKE-Beads reduce the production of the unwanted biofilm as well as the germination and calcification of the filter. The use of chemical products for filter hygiene can be done with significant savings.

4 | Efficiency

Thanks to the unique features of the LOEHRKE-Beads, the quantity of the filter material can be reduced to approximately 15%. At the same time the required water and electricity are reduced decisively due to a strongly shortened backwashing. The costs for chemical products are clearly lower.

Due to the fluidisation and self-cleaning features during the backwashing, LOEHRKE Beads have important advantages compared with traditional sand and gravel filter media.

Advantages of the LOEHRKE Beads

  • Defined geometry and surface quality
  • Application optimised filter bed design thanks to different sizes
  • Improved hydraulic and hygienic features of the filter bed
  • Effective and efficient filter processes for the best water quality
  • Smaller pressure losses and clearly higher dirt absorption capacity
  • Very small biofilm production
  • Clearly better filter hygiene through CIP-capacity
  • Minimising of the backwash cycles
  • Strong reduction of the operation and consumption costs
    • Clearly reduced filter material quantities required
    • Significant water and energy savings
    • Savings of disinfecting means and longer maintenance intervals
  • Fast amortisation
  • Almost unlimited lifecycle


Since the introduction of the beads in the water filtration and water recovery, the filter media have proven their efficiency in several segments:

Beverage: Treatment of raw and production water
Food industry: Fish farming installations
Building services: Softening installation, ion exchangers
Pool & spa: Private & public pools
Petrochemical industry: Treatment and recovery of process water
Semiconductor production: Treatment of raw water
Textile cleaning/industrial laundries: Recovery of process water, waste water treatment
Machine cleaning of vehicles: Treatment and recovery of process water


For cristal clear,
hygienically perfect water.

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