In May, the Pulsed light Packaging Sterilization from Claranore, where also LOEHRKE campaign for, has been awarded by the Solar Impulse foundation, as one of #1000 efficient solutions to change the world!

A coherence of vision: We need to move toward a cleaner economy

In 2016, Bertrand Piccard and his team achieved the first world tour with a plane powered by solar energy. Their aim: demonstrating around the world that green technologies can bring us far beyond commonly accepted limits, and thus represent a solution for the preservation of our planet.

Shortly after his incredible record, Bertrand Piccard and the Solar Impulse foundation launched the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions. Their objective is to identify and promote 1000 technologies bringing solutions in any industrial sector, enabling to combine ecology and economic growth.

Since the creation of Claranor in 2004, Claranor is committed to bring to the beverage, food and pharma industries a sustainable alternative to the conventional (chemical or irradiative) packaging sterilization methods. LOEHRKE provides efficient process and hygiene solutions with the aim to save resources. Both companies follow the aim of a cleaner future and decided already in 2010 to cooperate. Pulsed Light is highly efficient, chemical-free, immediate and cost-saving. The technology is more and more considered as a smart alternative to former technologies.

Both share important values with the Solar Impulse project and Foundation:

  • Tenacity: like Bertrand Piccard, Claranor started in 2004. They had to overcome several difficulties to demonstrate the efficiency of our solution

  • Pioneer Spirit: Claranor sees applications of their technology beyond what is commonly admitted, and work to make them happen

  • Team spirit: the common commitment, creativity, and expertise of their team members enables to reach their goals. We have also the culture of partnership, with machinery manufacturers, who integrate our solutions in their lines.

This is why Claranor applied to the World Alliance for Efficient Solution Challenge. In May 2018, the Claranor Pulsed Light Packaging Sterilization was awarded as Efficient solution by the SI foundation, with the #1000 efficient solution label.

This recognizes the contribution of Claranor to build a cleaner world. This strongly motivates Claranor to increase their efforts in this direction.

Thanks to their worldwide communication, Solar Impulse will accelerate the awareness about the availability of technological solutions to the major environmental problems we are facing.

Because of their incredible record around the world, Bertrand Piccard and his team have gathered the interest of millions of citizens and could make them aware of the interest of technologies to resolve environmental issues. They intend now to transform this attention into action: The Solar Impulse foundation will mobilize and inspire business leaders and key decision makers.

Claranor will participate in the next months to support the SI Foundation in their actions when needed.

Every drop counts

The Solar Impulse Foundation highlights that pioneering solutions, clean, efficient and profitable, will help proving to the world that it’s not too late; everyone, government, businesses and institutions, have a role to play. At the end of the day, if everyone takes his part, it’s not an overwhelming challenge.

So, let’s pulse together for a cleaner future!

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