Last month we started to test our latest belt lubrication technology HIGH PERFORMANCE LUBRICATION (HPL). The first results are promising.

HIGH PERFORMANCE LUBRICATION is a combination of the ULTRA DRY and the established LOEHRKE dry lubrication system. We are proud of the result of more than 30 years of experience. HPL was designed especially for high filling rates and difficult bottle shapes.

The control via an user-friendly app makes it easy to apply the lubricant exactly where it is needed. This enables the operator to reduce consumption to a minimum, it protects the environment and is lowering operating costs. Another major plus is the absence of fresh water. This means no waste water issues, preserves resources and the conveyor belts and floors stay dry. Dry equipment and floors is an important precondition to avoid microbiological growth while work safety is improved highly.

The innovative LOEHRKE HIGH PERFORMANCE LUBRICATION allows the application of a minimum amount of lubricant without aerosol formation. By means of the special nozzles, an extremely fine application is possible with uniform distribution over the entire width of the conveyor belt.

The combination with the brushes allows application of a metered quantity of liquid, which is released slowly. The concentrated lubricant is distributed uniformly as a very thin film on the surface of the conveyor belt. In this case, the film can be so thin that the application does not accumulate on the deflection rollers below the transporter.


  • Developed for state-of-the-art filling systems
  • High flexibility of the application volumes
  • High frequency, full spray pattern
  • Extremely low consumption
  • No use of fresh water
  • Dry conveyor belt system and floors


  • Exact controllable via app
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Increased working safety
  • No aerosol formation
  • Improved hygiene situation
  • Optimise and increase efficiency
  • Longer life of the conveyor belt system

Belt lubrication systems are a must for conveyor belts. Especially in the food and beverage industry, in addition to the optimal functioning, hygienic conditions must also be observed. The LOEHRKE systems are adapted according to your requirements and wishes. The different systems offer the right conditions for your production, together we will find the right solution.

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