Manufacturing enterprises frequently consider the subject of cleaning as a necessary evil. Also the required chemicals are expensive and constitute a risk to work safety.

Thus switching from manual to automated cleaning processes is the only way to optimal production hygiene and reproducible cleaning results. Welcome side effects are improved work safety as well as significant savings of operational costs in the area of water, energy and chemicals.

LOEHRKE offers integrated hygiene solutions, which combines all tasks around the cleaning and disinfection of processes and filling: from conventional foam cleaning to preventive spray disinfection.

The PM Premixing Station is one hygiene component from LOEHRKEs open plant cleaning package. The PREMIX serves the automated premixing and storage of cleaning and disinfection media. It mixes water with the required chemicals, reliably and with constant concentration. At the same time, the system needs less maintenance. The pre-mixed cleaning and disinfection media is stored in the integrated tank. If necessary, an energy-efficient pump transports this solution from there to the application site.

Various advantages offered by the PM Premixing Station:

  • Greatly improved work safety and increased job quality due to absolutely minimized handling of chemicals

  • Savings of operational costs in the area of water, energy and chemicals

  • Protection of the system due to already thinned chemicals

  • Reproducible hygiene results due to a constant concentration of the cleaning and disinfecting solution

  • Reliable function even under varying water feed

  • Automated control and process monitoring

  • Entire housing made of stainless steel in hygienic design

  • Expandable due to modular design

LOEHRKE provides customized concepts, no matter if they include new investments, modifications of existing systems or even for system components. We gladly inform you in detail.

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