Intensification of our foreign activities Fair promotion 2018

Jürgen Löhrke GmbH, one of WTSH's premium partners, will receive support from the state economic program at the capital goods trade fair "BrauBeviale 2018" in Nürnberg (13.-15.11.2018). The fair serves to intensify foreign activities and open up new target markets for automated hygiene solutions for the food and beverage industry, here with a regional focus on Europe.

PULSED LIGHT STERILIZATION OF VILSA CLOSURE: Cost-efficient alternative to peracetic acid baths

Vilsa source lies in the midst of untouched nature in the German state of Lower Saxony and is several thousand years old.
"Our VILSA mineral water is a gift of nature: naturally pure, mild in flavor and with a balanced mineral profile. Untouched for millennia, it is nature’s purest miracle. To ensure that this remains the case in the future, we have prioritized the protection of natural resources, and it is no coincidence that it is an integral part of our corporate philosophy and the foundation of everything we do."
To preserve the premium quality of their sensitive products during all the shelf-life, Vilsa sterilizes their closures.

Until the end of 2012, the caps decontamination treatment was done with PES.

Running costs were high, maintenance expensive and limited freedom in the choice of the closure due to the use of lubricant made necessary because of the use of caps with firm sealing. Vilsa Brunnen was looking for a new sterilization process.
LOEHRKE as exclusive distributor for Claranor in Germany presented the Claranor Cap sterilizer.
Since then it’s 5 filling lines that have been equipped with the Pulsed light treatment.

Main advantages highlighted:

  • Filling of even sensitive products without microbiological issues

  • (>4.3 log reduction of the A. brasiliensis, Fraunhofer Institut)

  • Maximum freedom in the choice of the closure supplier

  • No sensory impact on the product compared to Peracetic acid baths process

  • Yearly costs much lower than peracetic acid baths.


We pulse together for a cleaner future!

In May, the Pulsed light Packaging Sterilization from Claranore, where also LOEHRKE campaign for, has been awarded by the Solar Impulse foundation, as one of #1000 efficient solutions to change the world!

A coherence of vision: We need to move toward a cleaner economy

In 2016, Bertrand Piccard and his team achieved the first world tour with a plane powered by solar energy. Their aim: demonstrating around the world that green technologies can bring us far beyond commonly accepted limits, and thus represent a solution for the preservation of our planet.

Shortly after his incredible record, Bertrand Piccard and the Solar Impulse foundation launched the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions. Their objective is to identify and promote 1000 technologies bringing solutions in any industrial sector, enabling to combine ecology and economic growth.

Since the creation of Claranor in 2004, Claranor is committed to bring to the beverage, food and pharma industries a sustainable alternative to the conventional (chemical or irradiative) packaging sterilization methods. LOEHRKE provides efficient process and hygiene solutions with the aim to save resources. Both companies follow the aim of a cleaner future and decided already in 2010 to cooperate. Pulsed Light is highly efficient, chemical-free, immediate and cost-saving. The technology is more and more considered as a smart alternative to former technologies.

Both share important values with the Solar Impulse project and Foundation:

  • Tenacity: like Bertrand Piccard, Claranor started in 2004. They had to overcome several difficulties to demonstrate the efficiency of our solution

  • Pioneer Spirit: Claranor sees applications of their technology beyond what is commonly admitted, and work to make them happen

  • Team spirit: the common commitment, creativity, and expertise of their team members enables to reach their goals. We have also the culture of partnership, with machinery manufacturers, who integrate our solutions in their lines.

This is why Claranor applied to the World Alliance for Efficient Solution Challenge. In May 2018, the Claranor Pulsed Light Packaging Sterilization was awarded as Efficient solution by the SI foundation, with the #1000 efficient solution label.

This recognizes the contribution of Claranor to build a cleaner world. This strongly motivates Claranor to increase their efforts in this direction.

Thanks to their worldwide communication, Solar Impulse will accelerate the awareness about the availability of technological solutions to the major environmental problems we are facing.

Because of their incredible record around the world, Bertrand Piccard and his team have gathered the interest of millions of citizens and could make them aware of the interest of technologies to resolve environmental issues. They intend now to transform this attention into action: The Solar Impulse foundation will mobilize and inspire business leaders and key decision makers.

Claranor will participate in the next months to support the SI Foundation in their actions when needed.

Every drop counts

The Solar Impulse Foundation highlights that pioneering solutions, clean, efficient and profitable, will help proving to the world that it’s not too late; everyone, government, businesses and institutions, have a role to play. At the end of the day, if everyone takes his part, it’s not an overwhelming challenge.

So, let’s pulse together for a cleaner future!

More info:
Learn more at
CLARANOR – Chemin de la Rollande, Agroparc BP 21531, 84916 Avignon Cedex 9, France
Contact : Isabelle de Forsanz – Marketing manager :

Claranor Puls´ Full Cap
An efficient solution against cap contamination

Dear Customers and Business partners,

the demands of quality in the food and beverage industry are growing steadily and eco-friendliness, health consciousness and individuality becoming the focus of attention By dispensing with preservatives and additives, the risk of bacterial contamination increases enormously.

The Pulsed Light technology is based on the sterilization effect of high-energy light flashes of xenon lamps, which ensures a reliable sterilization of surfaces, such as the closure caps. In addition to the decontamination, the running costs can also be reduced.

LOEHRKE, is an exclusive partner of the French manufacturer Claranor in Germany and Austria. We offers you, in addition to various Pulsed-Light systems, the Claranor Puls´ Full Cap.

With Claranor Puls´ Full Cap, we are approaching a new level to aseptic bottling with our plants. This plant disinfects the caps by high-energy flashes inside as well as outside and causes the killing of bacteria, fungi, living cells, spores, yeasts and viruses. Claranor Puls´ Full Cap can handle caps with a diameter between 28 and 55 mm. This patented method of packaging sterilization makes it possible to process up to 60000 caps per hour and is also applicable to high-speed lines in the food and beverage industry.

Advantages Puls´ Full Cap:

  • Water-free and chemical-free
  • Economical/environmentally friendly
  • Immediately available, no preheating
  • Energy-efficient


  • Individual plant planning
  • Advice on the planning of the design
  • Comprehensive on-site service

Performance Spectrum:

  • Closure caps:
    • Sport caps
    • Flat caps
    • Metal crown caps
    • Five-gallon caps
  • Caps with a diameter of 28-55 mm
  • Speed up to 60000 caps per hour
  • Up to 5 log reduction

From plant planning to turn-key systems, LOEHRKE has been developing innovative technology solutions for automated process cleaning in the food and chemical industry for more than 30 years. We provide customized concepts from a single source, whether retrofit of existing installations or new investments.

With best regards

Anuga, March 20.-23. 2018 | Cologne
Visit us @ Hall 5.2 Stand A71-79

Dear customer and business partner,

we are delighted to welcome you to this year's Anuga FoodTec at our booth. We will introduce you to our latest news from the field of process & hygiene technology:

It starts with our Mini-CIP, which enables reliable cleaning wherever classic large CIP systems reach their economical limits. Possible applications for this handy CIP are small plants, lines, tanks, special tanks and also hoses, which are used for loading and unloading of transport containers. The range of applications is extremely wide - what can our Mini-CIP do for you?

LOEHRKE has many years of experience in process hygiene, and we also apply this know-how in transport and container cleaning. Our CIP systems grant the safety of achieving fully automatic and reproducible cleaning results. These are verifiable with the corresponding LOEHRKE documentation systems such as the Food controller and thus give the cleaning company the opportunity to comply with the applicable regulations and the strict EU regulations. We also present this application on our stand.

Automated hygiene concepts for bottling in combination with Pulsed Light complete our selection of exhibits this year. The sterilization of packaging materials using Pulsed Light also enables you to fill microbiologically sophisticated drinks and food. Whether new plant or retrofit, we are happy to develop the best solution for your problem.

We continue on Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at 16:00 at the Anuga with a lecture by Martin Löhrke (Speakers Corner, Passage 4/5) on "Resource-efficient hygiene - optimized cleaning measures in the food industry" - a lecture that you should not miss!

Also, be there when the drawing of the winner takes place on Thursday, March 22, 2018 at around 16:30. We're giving away a mountain bike that will surely make the winner happy with his resource-efficient movement!

We would like to invite you to talk with us at the booth! Do you need a ticket? Send an e-mail with the subject "Coupon Code - Anuga FoodTec 2018" to, we will send you a personal coupon code for your ticket. We are looking forward to meeting you.

With best regards


The year is drawing to a close. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the trust you have placed in us and the valuable cooperation.

We wish you a merry Christmas holiday and a healthy and successful new year.

With best regards

Drinktec, September 2017, 11.-15. / Messe München, Germany -
Visit us @ Hall A3 Stand 111

Dear customer and business partner,

in this year two of our main topics are hygiene upgrades and optimized dry lubrication, which we present at the LOEHRKE booth together with our French partner Claranor.

Visit us on our booth. Start with good conversation, with effective ideas and the work to develop the best solution for your needs.
Do you need an one-day-ticket? Send us an email with the keyword “one-day-ticket – Drinktec 2017” to We would like to invite you!

With best regards

Do you like irrelevant mails? WE NEITHER!

Dear customer and business partner,
who doesn’t know this, the crowded mailbox that welcomes you in the morning. We are convinced that you would like to avoid newsletter that are not related to your industry. LOEHRKE is always trying to get better and better. Therefore, we will only provide information on process and hygiene technologies that you want to receive. In order to meet this requirement, we will refrain from providing you with the LOEHRKE newsletter until your active registration. In order to confirm your newsletter registration on our website, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Looking forward for your active newsletter registration!

With best regards

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Latest lubrication technology in field test

Last month we started to test our latest belt lubrication technology HIGH PERFORMANCE LUBRICATION (HPL). The first results are promising.

HIGH PERFORMANCE LUBRICATION is a combination of the ULTRA DRY and the established LOEHRKE dry lubrication system. We are proud of the result of more than 30 years of experience. HPL was designed especially for high filling rates and difficult bottle shapes.

The control via an user-friendly app makes it easy to apply the lubricant exactly where it is needed. This enables the operator to reduce consumption to a minimum, it protects the environment and is lowering operating costs. Another major plus is the absence of fresh water. This means no waste water issues, preserves resources and the conveyor belts and floors stay dry. Dry equipment and floors is an important precondition to avoid microbiological growth while work safety is improved highly.

The innovative LOEHRKE HIGH PERFORMANCE LUBRICATION allows the application of a minimum amount of lubricant without aerosol formation. By means of the special nozzles, an extremely fine application is possible with uniform distribution over the entire width of the conveyor belt.

The combination with the brushes allows application of a metered quantity of liquid, which is released slowly. The concentrated lubricant is distributed uniformly as a very thin film on the surface of the conveyor belt. In this case, the film can be so thin that the application does not accumulate on the deflection rollers below the transporter.


  • Developed for state-of-the-art filling systems
  • High flexibility of the application volumes
  • High frequency, full spray pattern
  • Extremely low consumption
  • No use of fresh water
  • Dry conveyor belt system and floors


  • Exact controllable via app
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Increased working safety
  • No aerosol formation
  • Improved hygiene situation
  • Optimise and increase efficiency
  • Longer life of the conveyor belt system

Belt lubrication systems are a must for conveyor belts. Especially in the food and beverage industry, in addition to the optimal functioning, hygienic conditions must also be observed. The LOEHRKE systems are adapted according to your requirements and wishes. The different systems offer the right conditions for your production, together we will find the right solution.

Arrange an appointment by phone +49 451 29307-0 or email


Growing market Halal-products – Are you already cleaning according to Halal requirements?

According to the Federal Agency of Migration and Refugees the number of Muslims in Germany increased to over five percent. This means approximately as many Muslims as the population of Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg at the same time.

Besides increasing demands of food safety and hygiene, religiously based requirements to production of food and products can be observed. The German Agricultural Society (DLG) announced Halal-certified products to be a booming market sector. The increasing number of Muslims and growing significance of predominantly Muslim countries as new sales markets are backgrounds for this purpose.

Important, already at the beginning of the production chain, is the halal internal cleaning and disinfection of the tanker and transport containers. In addition to reproducible cleaning results, we offer you the strict guidelines for halal and kosher certified products.


  • Reproducible cleaning results due to a high level of automation
  • In compliance with the high standards for halal and kosher cleaning and disinfection
  • Process documentation systems and visualization
  • Consumption optimization of energy, water and chemicals


  • System design according to your requirements
  • Consultation in the run-up for the hall and construction planning
  • Turnkey installation and commissioning
  • Staff instruction and training
  • Comprehensive on-site service

Performance spectrum

  • Automated internal and external cleaning systems for tank and silo trucks, cooling vans, box vehicles, as well as IBC and tank containers
  • Halal Controller DD / Kosher Controller DD
  • Compliance with European and international standards
  • Robot-aided cleaning with LOEHRKE Cleenius®
  • CIP systems and dosing systems
  • High pressure technology for single-use cleaning
  • Steam and hot water generation Water softening, control technology and drying systems
  • High-pressure pumps, detergent dosing systems and automated flushing heads from 2 bar to 2.500 bar
  • Waste air purification plants
  • Adsorption plants with desorption and thermal exhaust gas purification

From plant planning to turn-key systems, LOEHRKE has been developing innovative technology solutions for automated process cleaning in the food and chemical industry for more than 30 years. We provide customized concepts from a single source, whether retrofit of existing installations or new investments.
Please contact us for further details.

Please contact us by email or
phone +49 451 29307-0


INTERPACK 04. - 10. Mai 2017, Düsseldorf Hall 13 / A37

At this year's Interpack, we will be accompanying our partner Claranor, who will present the highlights from the field of sterilization of packaged products...

DRINKTEC 11. - 15. September 2017, München, Hall A3.111

At Drinktec in September, we will present our new innovations and products ...

Automated open plant cleaning also covers work safety

Manufacturing enterprises frequently consider the subject of cleaning as a necessary evil. Also the required chemicals are expensive and constitute a risk to work safety.

Thus switching from manual to automated cleaning processes is the only way to optimal production hygiene and reproducible cleaning results. Welcome side effects are improved work safety as well as significant savings of operational costs in the area of water, energy and chemicals.

LOEHRKE offers integrated hygiene solutions, which combines all tasks around the cleaning and disinfection of processes and filling: from conventional foam cleaning to preventive spray disinfection.

The PM Premixing Station is one hygiene component from LOEHRKEs open plant cleaning package. The PREMIX serves the automated premixing and storage of cleaning and disinfection media. It mixes water with the required chemicals, reliably and with constant concentration. At the same time, the system needs less maintenance. The pre-mixed cleaning and disinfection media is stored in the integrated tank. If necessary, an energy-efficient pump transports this solution from there to the application site.

Various advantages offered by the PM Premixing Station:

  • Greatly improved work safety and increased job quality due to absolutely minimized handling of chemicals

  • Savings of operational costs in the area of water, energy and chemicals

  • Protection of the system due to already thinned chemicals

  • Reproducible hygiene results due to a constant concentration of the cleaning and disinfecting solution

  • Reliable function even under varying water feed

  • Automated control and process monitoring

  • Entire housing made of stainless steel in hygienic design

  • Expandable due to modular design

LOEHRKE provides customized concepts, no matter if they include new investments, modifications of existing systems or even for system components. We gladly inform you in detail.

Please contact us by email or
phone +49 451 29307-0


BRAUBEVIALE 2016 · 8.-10. 11 | HALL 4 · BOOTH 311

Dear Sirs, Dear customers and partners,
We are looking forward to welcoming you at our booth 311 in Hall 4 from 08 to 10 November 2016 at BrauBeviale in Nuremberg.

At this year's BrauBeviale LOEHRKE presents its visitors an entirely new product in the field of water filtration – the LOEHRKE-Beads. LOEHRKE-Beads are high-quality glass beads, which are used as a substitutive filter material for gravel. LOEHRKE-Beads are not only more hygienic than the common filter materials, they also help by saving water as well as energy!

Using the motto “Disinfection technology using new methods“ LOEHRKE demonstrates the chlorine dioxide double system CDES DuoDIS. It combines the advantages of a drinking water compliant and a material-friendly chlorine dioxide generation in a single system.

A further focus of our exhibition is the internationally unique conveyor lubrication system Ultra-Dry. Minimal consumption with exact dosing ensures optimal application for extra high demands.

The product range within the field Pulsed Light – chemical-free and anhydrous sterilization of packaging materials is expanding. The promising innovation here is the preform treatment with remarkable results! Get the information you need – On Tuesday afternoon the 8th starting at 4 p.m. we personally invite you to our booth. We will discuss the new exciting results in this area during a delicious wine tasting.

Individual appointments
We are looking forward to welcome you at our booth. Are you interested in an individualized consulting on the occasion of this fair? Please arrange your appointment in advance by calling Tel. +49-451-29307-13.

Need tickets? Be our guest!
With the LOEHRKE voucher code B335681 you can easily redeem your personal ticket online until November 10th, 2016:

We are glad to meet you at our LOEHRKE booth – hall 4 booth 311
at BrauBeviale 2016!



LOEHRKE is developing new methods in the disinfection technology to meet the present requirements in economics and hygiene.

The LOEHRKE chlorine dioxide double system "CDES DuoDIS" combines the advantages of a drinking water compliant and a material-friendly chlorine dioxide generation in a single system.

The chlorine dioxide system CDES DuoDIS is capable of preparing two chlorine dioxide solutions (blueDIS and yellowDIS) with different properties.

Drinking water compliant with blueDIS

The ClO2 solution designated as blueDIS is prepared from sodium chloride (NaClO2) and hydrochloric acid (HCl). It is permitted for the treatment of drinking water and can be produced very inexpensively.

Material-friendly plant disinfection with yellowDIS

The second solution is yellowDIS and is used for equipment disinfection. The use of media having a chloride content of 50 mg/l can even cause corrosion in stainless steel. Therefore, many customers want to keep the chloride content in the process water as low as possible. For this reason LOEHRKE has developed a virtually chloride-free ClO2 process that replaces the hydrochloric acid (HCl), which is responsible for the chloride supply, with sulfuric acid (H2SO4). Since chlorine dioxide generated from sulfuric acid is not approved for the treatment of drinking water, the yellowDIS solution may only be used for system disinfection(e.g. conveyor lubrication, filler flushing, CIP, cooling water treatment). A drinking water treatment still requires the blueDIS solution. The strict separation of the blueDIS and yellowDIS generation and dosing ensures that there is no mixing of the two solutions.

The CDES DuoDIS combines the advantages of a drinking water compliant and material-friendly chlorine dioxide generation in a single system. The ClO2 system can be set up centrally, for example in the chemical storage, and it supplies the injection points via the connected dosing pumps. Two dosing pumps are already pre-installed on the CDES DuoDIS. Other dosing modules can be connected optionally. The necessary points of withdrawal on the daytime chemical tank are already prepared at the factory.



  • no risk of corrosion
  • removes biofilm and prevents formation
  • flexibly usable and extendable
  • drinking water compliant
  • pressureless, safe process
  • low operating costs
  • low-cost production
  • user-friendly
  • high safety standard
  • reliable technology
  • low maintenance
  • process visualization on color touchscreen


  • A ClO2 system generates two different disinfectants
  • blueDIS - drinking water compliant (and low-cost)
  • yellowDIS - low chloride (generation with sulfuric acid instead of hydrochloric acid) - material-friendly
  • nitric acid (HNO3) is possible as an alternative acid component
  • no mixing of blueDIS and yellowDIS possible
  • two dosing pumps are pre-installed on the system, more can be connected optionally
  • reading of the measured values directly on the display (CDES or ClO2 Guard)
  • Outputs (analog, Profibus, Ethernet) can be integrated optionally

Any questions? We will gladly advise you,
please contact us!



The exhibition BrauBeviale is the most important international capital goods exhibition for the whole beverage production process chain: raw materials, technologies, logistics and marketing. Some 1,150 international exhibitors are presenting innovative products, solutions and trends for the production of beverages. LOEHRKE will be present with advanced technologies in the area of industrial cleaning and disinfection.

For more information please visit


Dear customers and business partners,
we are happy to present you our new website with new design and new content. With creativity and the usual LOEHRKE enthusiasm we have developed a modern webpage. Discover the world of the LOEHRKE technologies: individually customized hygiene solutions and innovative cleaning concepts adapted to your processes. Just in this sense our new website shows our well proven qualities in today’s design.
In the coming months more information will be posted on our website, so stay tuned and follow us!



Technology with passion: LOEHRKE is offering products, which are tailored specifically to your requirements. Precision and high-quality work ensure that LOEHRKE systems and components meet the sophisticated requirements in the food and beverage industry ...


LOEHRKE products for process and hygiene technology are to be found mainly in production facilities of renowned food manufacturers all over the world. We are specialized in flowable products of various viscosities. So we can provide our customers from different industries process solutions ...


In addition to the production and supply of a system LOEHRKE handles the complete engineering until entry into service and offers a wide range of after sales services. LOEHRKE project teams are organized in such way, that customer projects will benefit from the ...

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