Customer support

Our customers can rely on us. LOEHRKE customer support is based on an extensive network. This ensures that we can be at the clients at no time and can serve their systems throughout the entire life cycle.

With inspection and preventative maintenance we are aware of the current status of an installation. Therefore precise planning of services is possible. Required spare parts are easy accessible and can be installed quickly, to keep the plant shut down as short as possible.

  • Maintenance & service • Spare parts  



Technology with passion: LOEHRKE is offering products, which are tailored specifically to your requirements. Precision and high-quality work ensure that LOEHRKE systems and components meet the sophisticated requirements in the food and beverage industry ...


LOEHRKE products for process and hygiene technology are to be found mainly in production facilities of renowned food manufacturers all over the world. We are specialized in flowable products of various viscosities. So we can provide our customers from different industries process solutions ...


In addition to the production and supply of a system LOEHRKE handles the complete engineering until entry into service and offers a wide range of after sales services. LOEHRKE project teams are organized in such way, that customer projects will benefit from the ...

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